Effective mosquito control may reduce exposure to West Nile Virus

Effective mosquito control requires advance planning and preparation at each respective site where mosquito’s are a nuisance. Management must understand and communicate effectively to all its personnel and all visitors that mosquito eradication IS NOT possible. Reasonable control through responsible means is possible if our NYS certified pest control technician and your management have clear expectations and open communication. The professionals at Tree Health Management are available to provide technical assistance in tailoring your mosquito control program to meet your needs and applying the safest control measures feasible. We pride ourselves on regular timely applications as environmental considerations demand. We do not work by calendar dates. For your consideration, a preliminary framework is outlined below.

Funding, Management and Personnel Requirements

Each respective property manager funds Mosquito control programs, directly. The amount of time and material your mosquito program demands directly relates to final costs.

THM mosquito control programs are coordinated by your assigned Certified applicator. This assigned applicator will handle your account soup to nuts. He will notify you at least one day before inspecting and treating your situation. All site inspections and applications are documented and then you are notified what actions were taken and any other recommendations or comments. The backbone of all our services is uncompromising customer service. We will make you happy, period.

Personnel Requirements
Personnel needs and material will depend on the level of service you require. Your program will may include application of pesticides as well as biological controls. All our personnel are licensed through the State of NY and go through in-house professional training. We can provide educational seminars to management or any other group who may request additional information.

Know Your Target

-Flight times
-Travel distance
-Habitat preference
-Seasonal distribution

Know Your Area

To optimize your resources it is necessary to have comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the immediate and surrounding area. This requires locating and prioritizing the treatment areas (mapping). Therefore your plan should include the following:

-Defining the treatment areas
-Prioritizing the potential treatment areas
-Locating productive mosquito habitat within the protected area
-Evaluating the mosquito production adjacent to the protected areas
-Timing the work
-Choosing equipment and control products
-Assigned Certified Pesticide Applicator finalized action with your “people”
-Re-inspect and go from there

Define Operational Strategies

At the outset, it is necessary to develop a strategy in order to direct control efforts toward each mosquito population affecting the citizens of your county. Central to this goal are the following issues:


Develop and maintain a map system that includes the following information

– The area under your protection
– Access routes into the area
– Mosquito production zones

Monitoring Procedures

– Initiate routine monitoring procedures that include larval and adult counts, identified to species.
– Define thresholds – the acceptable landing counts in your area.
– Develop procedures to receive and respond to mosquito complaints.

Develop and Plan Control Strategies for each type of production zone

– Analyze each zone individually to determine which control strategy will provide the most sound and effective control – prevention, larvicide or adulticide controls.

Evaluate and Refine your Plan taking into consideration

– Available equipment
– Availability of experienced operators
– Surveillance history of the area
– Surrounding habitat and environmental limitations/hazards

Record Keeping and Program Review

Future prioritizing will be greatly facilitated by accurate and complete surveillance histories and pesticide application records.