Control of Noxious Pests Effecting Human Health

Mosquitos – West Nile Virus
Ticks – Lyme Disease
Poison Ivy – Skin Rash


Effective control of noxious pests requires advance planning and preparation at each respective site where a nuisance exists. Noxious pest control IS NOT eradication. Reasonable control through responsible means is possible if our NYS certified pest control technician can work with you in determining clear expectations. The professionals at Tree Health Management are available to provide technical assistance in tailoring your noxious pest control program to meet your needs. We will always recommend cultural practices first, biological control second and chemical control as a last resort.

We pride ourselves on regular timely applications as environmental considerations demand. We do not work by calendar dates. Our philosophy of noxious pest control outlined below.

We know our targets – 43 years combined experience

Times of noxious pest activity
Travel distance of noxious pests
Habitat preferences pests need to survive
Seasonal distribution of pest populations and stages of growth

We know your area – we grew up here and we still live here
To optimize your resources it is necessary to have comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the immediate and surrounding area. This requires locating and prioritizing the treatment areas (mapping). Tree Health Management, Inc. will create a site and action plan which may include:
Defining the treatment areas – a site map will be created

Prioritizing the potential treatment areas
Locating noxious weed habitat within protected areas
Evaluating adjacent locations to the protected areas
Timing the work – through regular site monitoring
Choosing equipment and control products – we use the safest materials and methods possible
Assigned Certified Pesticide Applicator finalized action with your “people”
Re-inspect and go from there