Analysis & Consultation

At Tree Health Management our trained staff of consulting and certified arborists are equipped to gather essential landscape information to diagnose tree and shrub problems. We use an array of tools for diagnosing plant problems including; the Air-spade, Resistograph, soil compaction meter (penetrometer), soil moisture meter, soil pH tester, soil core sampler, hand lens, caliper tapes, digital cameras pruning shears, bark scraper, pocket knife, iodine starch tests, and shovels. Since a site history is the most important piece of the puzzle, we rely on property owners to provide us with the information. Any samples which may need lab are sent to Cornell University soil, pathology or water quality labs.

At our office we have a complete plant health care library to insure information we provide is accuarate and treatments which provide your plants with tangible results. Our arborists have the capability to digitally photograph and instantly e-mail photos of problem trees to one another to accurately confirm a diagnosis. When needed our relationships with diagnostic laboratories will help get an accurate timely answer to a problem.

The key to our plant health care success is our ability to gather accurate information to diagnose a landscape ‘issue’ accurately.