Tree Inventories

Tree Health Management, Inc. does perform tree inventories for homeowners, municipalities, corporate campuses, facility managers and large landowners for various decision-making reasons employ tree inventories.

Tree inventories help tree stewards by first giving each tree a unique identifying number and then have the ability to track each trees history; planting date, maintenance record, size, species, condition and its exact position.

For most suburban homeowners tree inventories are completed within one day. For estate managers and facility managers a tree inventory can take several days. For municipalities and their property management issues, tree inventories can take weeks to months even with the newest “tree inventory sampling model”. This new tree inventory model which was unveiled in may of 2003 will save municipalities large amounts of money.

The importance of tree inventories is that they provide decision makers with real historical information, which can be used to make tangible decisions based on facts, not guesswork.

Tree stewards regularly ask themselves;

Are we spending to much money on fertilizer?
Are there sidewalk and tree interfaces which are or may heave and create a trip and fall risk?
Are there risk trees which need regular inspections are there risk trees which need removal?
Are there too many of one species leaving yourself open to a pathogen or arthropod epidemic which can leave your site barren quickly?

Tree inventories allow managers to follow a regular tree maintenance and inspection program reducing their liability issues, assisting in scheduling employees and or contractors effectively and timely, providing data for tree replacement and plant health care concerns. In short tree inventories form the foundation for a tree steward management program.