Aeriation – Air-Spade / Air-Knife

The Air Spade / Air Knife ~ Pneumatic Decompaction

Air SpadeThe Air-Spade and Air-Knife are tools we use to de-compact soil, remove excessive soil from tree trunks and root collars, and to excavate soil to locate and/or investigate a tree’s root system. We can locate and extract girdling roots, and find areas of root and trunk decay hidden underground.

Using air to remove soil greatly reduces root injury. Since oxygen is essential for plant health, we use it to aerate compacted soils.

The City of New York specifies the use of pneumatic air tools on construction projects near existing trees. (we are listed as THM Scientific Wantagh NY)

We have successfully worked on several NYC construction sites as both contractor and subcontractor. Our well respected Certified Arborists can help you with this part of your contract.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image