Compost Tea

Organic Compost Tea and Tree Soil Injections

Compost Tea BrewerTree Health can nurture your trees and plants with exceptional organic compost tea mixtures and soil injections.

Compost tea is an organic mixture of water, dried kelp powder, naturally produced humic acid, a variety of powdered minerals, and compost with a touch of molasses brewed locally that provides nutrition to your plants. After agitating the brew for 18 to 20 hours, it will become a rolling stew of air, water, minerals, bacteria and fungi. When compost tea is sprayed on plants, these microorganisms and their exudates provide nutrition to the plants and are absorbed by the leaves. Aerobic bacteria and beneficial fungi living on the leaves and fruit also nest on the sites where harmful bacteria or fungi might attach themselves.

Compost teas offer many benefits:

  • Improve the life in the soil and on plant surfaces
  • Help plants take-up the nutrients they require
  • Build soil structure
  • Reduce erosion and loss of nutrients into drinking water

Organic Soil Injections

When injected or sprayed, the organic compost tea provides sufficient nutrients for your plants. Treated plants are provided with the nutrition and protection that for millions of years, plants received naturally. The benefits of using organic soil injections are improving the longevity of a tree’s life in the soil and on the plant surfaces. The organic soil injections are also used as an alternative to chemical fungicides and fertilizers.

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