Soil Amending

Soil SampleAt THM we test soil to determine nutrient levels, microbial activity, soil structure and pH. If there is a deficiency we can correct this by adding sulfur when soils have too high a pH or lime when soils have too low a pH.

If there is a deficiency of a micro nutrient such as iron or manganese we can amend soil with chelated iron or manganese to help correct the problem. We also can amend soil with macro-nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium if needed. Soil microbes and arthropods are essential to healthy soil and are specific to particular plants. We can amend soil to better the growing conditions for soil microbes and arthropods by using products like compost tea.

When soil structure is a problem we can amend soil with gypsum to alleviate a compacted soil, radial trenching to aerate soil and to actually remove and replace soil.