Arbortech™ Elm Tree Injection

Arbotect is a systemic fungicide that is highly resistant to degradation and moves into new sapwood in sufficient quantity to protect trees for 2.5 – 3 years.

Arbotect (TM) Elm injectionThe purpose of a preventive macro-infusion with Arbotect™ is to provide even and complete distribution of the fungicide throughout the 2-4 year old twigs where the beetles feed.

Arbotect™ is applied at a rate of 12 oz per 5” dbh, with each 2 oz of Arbotect™ diluted in 1 gallon of water. Trees should be treated after the leaves have fully enlarged or after the seeds have dropped, and the treatments can be administered until there is fall color present in the canopy.

The average uptake for 20-60 gallons of fungicide solution is 30-60 minutes if the protocol is followed closely.

Diseased elms should not be treated with Arbotect™. Arbotect™ may mask the symptoms of the disease for 1-3 seasons before the tree dies.

As a preventive treatment this process gives highly predictable results. Rainbow Tree Care in Minneapolis has had a 99.5% success rate on a group of about 6000 trees under protection.