Tree Care Services

Premier Tree and Plant Health Care Services

PHC Plus™

Our PHC Plus™ programs are environmentally friendlyTree Health Management provides premier tree care services to our customers. Our professional tree crew adheres to strict ANSI standards when performing work.

Tree Health Management offers a variety of plant and tree health care services so that you will have healthy, beautiful trees for years to come. Our services include:

Plant Health Care Plus Program

Our Plant Health Care Plus program allows our technicians to conduct site inspections every time they visit your property. We will provide comprehensive, year round care for your trees and shrubs. The program features:

  • Regular Site Inspections
  • Accurate Pest Diagnosis
  • Insect, Mite, and Disease Control
  • Applying Tree Health Stimulators to Reallocate Energy Resources Within Trees
  • Soil Sampling and Laboratory Analysis when Symptoms Persist
  • Application of Soil Amendments
  • Irrigation System Adjustments
  • Plant Friendly Soil Aeration
  • Regular Communication With Clients Via Verbal and Written Reports
  • Client Education

With PHC Plus™ your plants will thrive and live longer

Arboricultural Consultation Tree Health Management has an expert staff on hand who are ready to answer any questions you may have concerning your landscaping projects.

  • We have Expert Witnesses who will offer unbiased opinions based on information that is generated from site inspections.
  • Our staff can determine the value of your tree so that you can fully understand the cost of any tree removal that needs to be done. They can also analyze potential risk such as structural defects that may result from removal of an older tree.
  • Our well-trained staff of Certified Arborists is equipped to gather important landscape information that is necessary to diagnose a tree or shrub with any type of diseases.
  • It is vital that your property be in a safe condition, that is why we offer a standard risk management program for homeowners and large facilities. We have the equipment and expertise to effectively diagnose a specific tree’s mechanical strength to determine if your trees are safe and healthy and not in danger of falling or losing limbs.
  • Tree preservation during construction is crucial to soil preservation, microbes and tree survival. Our tree preservation programs are custom tailored to the individual needs of each site. Consultations are performed by one of our consulting and Certified Arborists to view construction plans to determine areas to be preserved. Then we will talk to designers and homeowners to decide course of action.
  • We perform tree inventories for homeowners, municipalities, and other corporate campuses tracking tree histories, planting dates, maintenance records, sizes, and exact positions.

Soil And Root Care

Proper care of soil and roots is vital for a plant’s existence. To aid in that care, you may need several tools and treatments such as:

  • Aeration/Air Spade – Excavating soil from root systems without harming the roots.
  • Radial Trenching – A way to get oxygen to roots, replace soil, and alleviate compaction.
  • Compost Tea – An all-natural mix that provides nutrition to plants and is absorbed by leaves.
  • Soil Amending – We will test the soil to determine nutrient levels, microbial activity, soil structure, and pH levels. If there are deficiencies in the soil, our experts are capable of fixing them in a variety of ways, such as adding sulfur if the PH level is not correct, adding iron or manganese if the micro nutrients are deficient, or by amending soil with gypsum to alleviate compacted soil.

In addition to the above services, we can evaluate and recommend the best possible tree pruning or removal companies to perform:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Cable & Bracing
  • Tree Removals
  • Stump Grinding
  • Lightning Protection

To set up an appointment for an arborist evaluation or for more information on our tree care services, call us at (516) 781-6464 download our brochure, or e-mail us at