Arborvitae leafminers are attacking arborvitaes on Long Island!

This tiny caterpiller feeds inside the needles causing the tips to turn brown. Heavily infested trees look near death, brown, and very thin. To control this pest you must apply a systemic product or apply several treatments of an environmentally friendly product such as Conserve which contains spinosad. Spinosad is derived from the fermentation of a natutrally occuring organism. Arborvitaes that are treated and fertilized often make a full recovery. Arborvitaes have been over used as privacy screens because of the wooly adelgid infestation on hemlocks. This overplanting makes it much easier for insect infestations to spread because the insects do not have to travel far to find food or breeding partners.

Arborvitae Leafminer can be controlled

Arborvitaes can be saved and brought back


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Cottony Scale is taking over many trees and shrubs this Spring!

Cottony scale is a real nuisance. Recent weather patterns, lack of predators and an abundance of host plants are the causes for this outbreak. Most plants will survive an infestation if not too heavy. the scale insects excrete a sticky honeydew that drips onto cars, patio furniture and understory plants. this honeydew (scale poo) grows a black sooty mold that hinders the photosynthesis process. we can control the scale with a few environmentally safe treatments.

Cottony scale on Holly


cottony taxus scale