Removing a tree with precision

Tree removal requires skills and confidence

Removing saltwater damaged trees

Tree Health crews worked on a rainy day to remove London Plane trees that were killed by saltwater flooding from hurricane Sandy.

Salt sucks water from tree roots and dries them out resulting in root death. Chlorine from saltwater clogs the vascular system in twigs and leaves and causes tip dieback. The sodium in saltwater damages soil structure and function. Unless you can use fresh water to irrigate immediately after saltwater flooding, trees and shrubs can die quickly.


Preserving a 63″ diameter oak tree in Sea Cliff

We used an Air-Spade to excavate a trench between this beautiful oak tree and the foundation for a new house. We pruned the roots properly so they will regenerate new shoots. If tree roots are cut they can live and function. If roots are crushed or ripped they will die. Why don’t more builders hire us to preserve trees?




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