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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each service cost ?

Our certified arborist visits your home to determine the cost of your service which can vary greatly by property. Promptly after your visit, you will receive a quote and proposal.

Which services do you offer ?

We are a full service tree company providing a range of commercial and residential tree service needs including but not limited to plant health care, pest/disease control, tree pruning, emergency tree removal, soil/root care, stump grinding, planting and more. 

However, we will only remove potentially hazardous or already dead trees.

Can I open windows after spray applications ?

Yes you can open windows after spray applications on your property. It is best to have your windows closed while the technician is applying the materials. However, our trained technicians avoid spraying near open windows, air-conditioners, furniture, kid’s toys and other non-target obstacles. Rest assured that you and your family are safe to enjoy your property.

When can I let my pets out/ enjoy my property after spray applications ?

The materials we use work on contact and are safe for both pets and people once they have dried, usually 1 hour after our technician leaves your property.

If it rains after a spray application does everything get washed away ?

Most materials we use work on contact, which means that if the insect or mite is there at the time of application it will be controlled. Environmental laws restrict the use of residual materials. There are few specialty treatments that are more effective if it does not rain, and we will re-apply those materials at our cost.

Why doesn’t the technician spray all trees and shrubs ?

We only spray plants that need treatment because they are susceptible or under attack by insects, diseases or mites. If a plant has no insect disease or mite infestation treating it is a waste of time and money, and is not environmentally sound. This method helps to preserve the natural balance of beneficial organisms on your property.

 I have been using your company for so many years, why has one of my trees died ?

Unfortunately, there are many abiotic factors that may cause plants to die. Some of these factors include extended periods of drought, harsh cold winter weather, disturbance of root systems during home renovation, disease conditions for which there is no available cure, and improper installation at the time of planting.

My contract lists application dates, but my visit did not occur on that date ?

Providing application dates is required by the NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC). At Tree Health, we work on growing degree days to determine the emergence of pests and thus the best timing to treat plants in your landscape. Weather and other factors also play a role in determining actual application dates.

Why do I need to sign a contract ?

The NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requires us and all pest control companies by law, to have a signed contract from property owners.


You said the products used on my property are environmentally safe, why is there a tag on my lawn ?

The NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requires us to post properties if we use any product that has an EPA Registration number. Products like Horticultural Oil, Soap, and even garlic have an EPA Registration number. Here is a list of the materials we use.

Why do I have more visits and a higher cost than my neighbor ?

We tailor our programs to each property based on plant types, density, anticipated pest problems and subsequent treatment requirements. You may pay more and have more visits because your plants are more susceptible or physically larger.

Here is a list of the materials we use.

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