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Tree Health’s services adhere to the highest industry standards. Trust the certified professionals for all your commercial and residential tree service needs including plant health care, pest/disease control, tree pruning, emergency tree removal, soil/root care, stump grinding, planting and more.

Emergency Tree Removal

With cutting edge technology and safety standards, our crew practices the safest removal methods to access trees in hard to reach locations with minimal effect to surrounding property, removing dead or hazardous trees.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Our professionals enhance the natural shape and beauty of trees and shrubs using hand pruning methods to increase their health, durability and longevity to eliminate potential dangers and achieve desired growth.

Plant Health Care

Our environmentally-conscious Plant Health Care program provides comprehensive, year round care to maintain the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs - powered by our experienced technicians and proprietary formulas.

Commercial Services

We provide a range of commercial services for housing complexes, retirement communities and more including removal, pruning and plant health care packages to best service large scale properties.

Pest/Disease Control

Pests and diseases including arborvitae leafminer and wooly adelgid plague Long Island. Our proprietary and environmentally conscious treatment programs help to protect and treat your trees and shrubs from damaging infestations while maintaining their health and beauty.

Tree Health's Pest and Disease Control in Long Island, NY

Stump Grinding

A non-invasive and effective removal method, stump grinding removes hazardous eyesores which can attract pests like carpenter ants or termites. Our stump grinding technology removes stumps quickly and efficiently.

Tree Health's Stump Grinding in Long Island, NY

Soil/Root Care

Continuous soil/root care programs enhance oxygen content, microbial activity, and nutrient levels within the soil, resulting in improved environmental conditions in and around the root zone ensuring that your trees receive the care necessary to keep them healthy.

Tree Health's Soil and Root Care services in Long Island, NY

Planting/Sod Installation

Design and installation of new plants, trees and sod by our arboricultural experts can help to beautify your property enhancing curb appeal while rejuvenating your property’s overall health and longevity.

Tree Health's Planting and Sod Installation services in Long Island NY

More Services

We’re ready to take on your tree problem.

Additional services include but are not limited to: tree appraisal, tree risk evaluation, expert witness for ligtitation, and holiday lighting. Call for more information.

Tree Health's Holiday Light Hanging services in Long Island, NY

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