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What to Expect From Tree Removal Services in Long Island

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, but they can also be a safety risk for you and your family. Old or damaged trees can drop branches that break cars, crush houses, injury people, and bring down power lines. 

Living with one of these dangerous trees on your Long Island property is an accident waiting to happen. 

But how do you get rid of it?

We’ve put together this guide to walk you through the tree removal process and show you what to expect during the experience. Make sure you keep reading below for some helpful tips! 

What to Expect Before the Tree Removal 

There are a few steps that come between finding a tree removal company and chopping down your tree. Never skip this part of the process. Otherwise, you may end up putting the safety of your home and your personal property at risk. 

Schedule an Estimate 

The first step of removing trees from your property is to get in touch with a professional tree removal company and schedule an estimate. You may be able to get a price estimate over the phone, but it’s a good idea to have the company send someone out to your house in person. 

This will give the professional a better idea of: 

  • The size of your tree 
  • The tree’s condition (a diseased or dying tree may require different tools and removal methods) 
  • The accessibility 
  • Any other complications (such as being close to buildings or power lines) 

Have the company quote you a price then make a copy of that estimate on paper. This way, they can’t change the price on you later or hit you with any surprise fees. 

Repeat this process with a few different companies until you find an estimate that fits your budget. 

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better 

Don’t choose the cheapest quote simply because you want to save a few bucks. While a lower price might seem attractive, it can also be a reflection of that company’s service quality. You might end up having to pay more money later to fix a company’s mistakes if you pick the lowest bid. 

It’s worth investing more money in a company you know you can trust. 

Ask for Proof of Licensing and Insurance 

Never hire a tree removal company if they don’t give you these things. If they seem hesitant or try to dodge around the topic, that’s a red flag. You might want to take your business somewhere else. 

If the company doesn’t have insurance, you can be held liable for any damages or accidents that take place on your property. And this can be expensive. Always ask for proof of insurance, and don’t be afraid to ask for details about their policy (including how much coverage they have). 

It’s also a good idea to look up the company on websites like the Better Business Bureau. From here, you can make sure they’re a certified arborist and that they have positive reviews. 

Clear Out Your Yard 

Spend some time removing any personal items from your yard. If you have cars in the driveway, move them and park them on the street for a day.

As the company cuts down the tree, branches will fall into your yard. While the company can normally control where these branches land, they might crush vehicles or yard items that are in the way. So again, remove yard decor and any other items and vehicles away the work area.

Depending on the size and type of your tree, the tree removal specialist may also need to use a bucket truck or other special tools during the chopping process, and they’ll need space for this. 

What to Expect During the Tree Removal 

On the day of the tree removal, the process might not be as fast as you’re imagining. Here’s what will happen when the tree removal company shows up at your house. 

The Tree Might Not Come Down in One Go 

If the tree is tall or close to a building, the company might have to chop off a few branches at a time to ensure it doesn’t fall on anything. They’ll start with the higher branches at the top of the tree and work their way down to the trunk. 

It’s also important to remember that they might not remove the stump on the same day. Because they’ll need different tools, another team will likely come back to get rid of the stump later.

They’ll Cut on the Side Where They Want the Tree to Fall 

When it comes to removing the trunk, the tree removal specialist will chop the tree on the side where they want it to fall.

So don’t worry if you see them cutting on the side further away from your house. This is normal. They know what they’re doing, and the tree will fall where they want it to land. 

They’ll Clean up and Remove Any Branches 

Once the tree is down, the removal company will pick up any remaining branches and “clean up” your yard. After that, you can return your belongings and cars to their normal places. 

Scheduling Tree Removal Services in Long Island 

Do you have a tree growing in your yard in Long Island that you want to get rid of? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Tree Health to schedule a tree removal appointment today! We’ll take a look at your tree and get it out of your way as soon as possible.